Prayer in aid

Dear friends and colleagues!

Please do not consider me as a fraud from the very first lines of this letter , I am sorry for that treatment. My name is Vitaly , I am 55 years old and I am disabled — I in 2006 had a leg amputated above the knee. But is not the point … I have a computer , and before I could make it — I wrote articles and rewrite , and also participated in some financial projects. It was a decent increase in their pension . However, in August last year, my mother had a stroke , refused the right arm and right leg . She can not own neither sit nor lie down. I just do this to the fact that my mother and I live together — more than any of the relatives we have . Naturally , all the care it lay on me. And besides — the housework . Ie — cooking , washing, cleaning , and — trips to the pharmacy, to the shops and market. I did not pay attention to the prices in stores and pharmacies , because he considered them stable . I paid off , as a rule , credit card, because I knew that it has a considerable amount of money . However, prices rose just for goods in supermarkets, drugstores and pay the rent and utilities. I recently received a notice from the bank that I owed ​​them about $ 3,000 . This is , by far , the amount is very heavy for me . I appeal to all who know me and just all caring — but who can send money help to get out of this situation. I would be grateful for any help . Alternatively, if you can give me all the ( $ 3,000 ) amount in the form of interest-free loan for three years, I will be grateful forever. During this time I will find the opportunity to earn the named sum , and perhaps even earlier, and with interest. Once again I apologize … Thanks in advance . Sincerely,

Vitaly Butin , skiype: wittal59 :


Payment details:

Perfect Money: U2235170 Purse

WMZ : Z391240003986

Yandex-money : 410011023616631

Credit Card Privat -Gold: 5457092301743401

Alfa Bank Credit Card : 5168001191081939

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